Bogie Facts: 
1.came to us when he was 6 months old
2.known by many names--Tubby--Tubby Butt--Bogie Man--
             Boogie Man--Bogie Bear--Momma's Baby Boy--Little Man--Fat Boy
3.Is known for his lovin'  (he loves to hug and hold hands)
4.Truly believes that every can that gets opened, is for him
5.Has some of the worst gas in the USA (second only to Daisy)
6.If you don't get into bed before he does-you have to take what's left


Bogie has skin and food allergies....some of them are:
RICE                             DUST                     AND MORE!!
CATFISH                      DANDYLIONS
OAK TREES                 FLEAS

and then of course he's allergic to the antibiotic that keeps him from getting constant infections in his he's a lot of trouble-- But we love our little boy and he's just the best friend anyone could have.  He's just a doll.

Daisy said she could be on his page if she wanted to!!
why would you wake me up?
'cause Momma said I could!
I'm so proud of this gif, I just have to stick it everywhere!  The background of this page was also made by Sandra.  Thank you Sandra!!
Click here to see more pictures of the Bogieman!
Bogie's Aunt Sharen and Uncle Harold sent him this---now he matches cousin OSCAR!!