I have this bulldog named Daisy--she's kinda crazy.............
This is a clean Daisy ......
This is a dirty Daisy ..........VERY DIRTY DAISY
HOW DID THIS HAPPEN???  Well, one day it rained a whole bunch and Daisy had been stuck inside.  When it finally stopped, I let her out into her play yard and she decided to dig for worms!!  Actually I don't know what she was looking for --but when she came in I wasn't looking at her--when I did look up all I could see was little muddy footprints all down the hall!!  I shouted "Daisy Bath!!!" (which she loves) and she ran to the tub. I was laughing so hard I could barely take the pictures!!
Daisy decided one year that she was a present.  She almost turned the tree over that year and every year since then we've had to stick everything we can under the tree, so there's no room for her ---otherwise-- she's gettin' under there!!
I bet most dog owners have seen this before--I just threw it in because every time I see it I hear the sound effects!!  She sleeps like this all the time and boy does she snore!!
This picture of Daisy was drawn by a friend named Matt Turner--thank you Matt.
Daisy and her Daddy.
Daisy Facts:
1. also known as Pig and Pretty Girl
2. would rather be asleep upside down than be eating
3.has the worst gas in the USA
4.tries to be dignified and above all other dogs--(but still has all that                                        gas and it's hard to be classy when you're pootin'!!)
5.would really like to kill Bogie for taking over her spot in the bed
6.will take your pillow during the middle of the night and won't feel
                                      bad if you wake up paralyzed
7.would argue with a fence post
8.thinks "GET DOWN!!!!" does not apply to her

My rules are the only ones that count
Yield is not in my vocabulary
There is nothing that cannot be rendered into small pieces
If I have something, you can't have it
If you have something and I want it, you lose
I feel no pain and I will not stop until I accomplish my objective
The truth according to Cali:
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WHO??  ME???
oink oink oink
but mom!!  I like the mud!
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Daisy went to the bridge on Sept 2 2006. 
She was 11 years old. 
Life will not be the same without her.
Goodbye Babygirl