-----My name is Mary Ann Daughdrill (MAD), and I've been collecting Vintage Barbie since 1996.  I've been married to Shane Daughdrill since December 24, 1994 and though we have no children, we do have dogs.  

My husband is one of those one-in-a-million guys who will go to doll shows with me and hardly complain (he only fusses 'cause I make him drive while I read the map--you know what happens then....) He's really a sweetie--I don't know how I got so lucky, he doesn't even scream when I make him look at Barbie books with me!

My Mom and Dad have been just great about me collecting Barbie too.  My Mother encouraged me to collect what   " I "  liked-- and not to worry about how many people thought I was crazy.  She--on the other hand--won't come visit the "Barbie Room" anymore because I always ask her which doll and outfit is her favorite (I re-arrange all the time).  I have chosen to forgive her though  'cause she found a Francie for me for 25 cents.


The whole thing started way back in my childhood when I used to go to visit my Great Aunt.  She had the coolest Barbie doll!!!  (I now know that I played with a wonderful #4 and even brushed her hair--I'm sorry--I didn't know back then!!!!)  I eventually outgrew the doll stage (well for a few years anyway!) and forgot all about the wonderful world of Barbie until one day I walked into an antique store and saw a vision in white.  She was a blonde bubblecut in the first wedding dress. Overcome with memories, I snatched her up and there began the insanity.

I'm now up to my ears in Vintage Barbie and couldn't be happier (unless of course I had a brunette #1).  The wonderful lady (Jeanne) who introduced me to Barbie, has become a great friend--and her EVER IMPRESSIVE and patient husband (Gary), helped me set up this website.  Almost all of my other friends and relatives think I'm crazy (maybe I am?!?!).  I had to build another room onto my house for my Barbie collection (boy was that hard to explain to the insurance man!).  I never would have believed that I'd go through life with Barbie on my mind--but here I am.   

Watch out--I'm Barbie Crazy!!!!

My most humble thanks go out to Prissy, for letting me take over her life and her scanner--and to Uncle Jim, for all the encouragement, fresh ideas and for knowing just when to call.
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