For your vintage collection you will be able to use it with
Barbie, Ken and Francie!

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Tiny Kitty                        Vivette                             Candi                          Lollipops!
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Fashion Royalty dolls like you've never seen them!  

See how you can put the stand inside the pants leg?  Like she's standing all by herself!
Fashion Royalty GUYS!!!
Kyori went a little crazy (below)--but she wanted you to see how well you can pose your dolls for scenes and diorama displays! she's James Dean.....
Maybe still dancing.
or she has a backache! ha!
Maybe it's the Macarena!
Do you have a ballerina who needs to tie her shoe?
Maybe you have a wall you want someone leaning on, but don't want to worry about them falling over.  
Vintage Skipper feet do not touch the base on the NEW MAD Doll Stands.  This is as short as it goes.   
See you can't tell from the front!  
TheTALL MAD doll stand will fit a great variety of dolls!  
Many you might never think of!  

Also Great for Diorama lovers and Scenes!  See pictures below!

From Short to Tall--Girls and Guys--you just GOTTA see this!
Fabulous photo by
Laura Maar
A message I got 
from a customer:
I actually got introduced to these by a friend. I bought some used and was amazed at how wonderful they are for vintage barbie fashions and blending in with glass shelves!
At first I was like thats kinda pricey for stands 😅... but the quality justified the price!
I was so used to using vintage stands (which rock back and forth) and the white kaiser ones. 
Gonna switch them out! 
Your product is genius! And of course it takes another doll collector to know what a collector needs. ❤️
(Summer from Tx)