How to make it all better!!
There are 2 products that can be used for these problems--U.V. Bondo (yes, for cars!) and Acrylic Nail making supplies.  I prefer the nail stuff but I wanted to let you know about both.

NAIL STUFF--go to a beauty supply store and buy a set of Acrylic nail system powder and liquid.  This is SO easy to use and dries almost clear.  Get the smallest brush you can find (like the one you may use to repaint faces) dip it into the liquid and then the powder.  For instance--making a nose----Brush onto the doll using a "rolling" movement (to help unload the brush).  Deposit the goop in the place of the missing part and try to keep it near the shape it should be.  Keep doing this until you have filled in the space of the missing part.  Then using "needle files" shape into nose.  This stuff sticks very well (though it can be taken off if you need to)--you can almost get violent with it!  If you're good enough, or if it wasn't a large amount that you had to fill in--you may not need to file.  The part that is the hardest for me is matching the colors when I cover the acrylic.  If it was a small amount that you filled-you may not really need to do any painting.

U.V. Bondo--I had a really hard time with this--but you may be more capable than I.  Using a toothpick, put a small amount of the bondo on the doll and  form it into the shape you need.  Then take it to a sunny place (outside?) to dry.  (This works best on warm sunny days)  The bondo dries white.  When it comes time to file--BE CAREFUL!!  The bondo doesn't stick really well to the doll and will flake off.  If you can get it to stay long enough--paint it to match the doll.

Supplies that I used:
small brush
Arylic nail making supplies
UV Bondo (get from automotive department)

paints to match dolls
needle files--get from hardware store--don't use fingernail files-they leave color deposits
Project 1.  Missing fingers, noses, chins, scratches--fill in what's missing!!
The following contains instructions for things that I have done to my dolls.  I do not accept responsibility for damage to anyone's dolls or for any other person's actions.  Use these instructions and products at your own risk.
Project 2.  re-rooting

First--stop shaking!! It's not that bad!!!  This is the "cheater" way to re-root

 Supplies that I used
plastic canvas needle
pencil with good eraser
hair for re-root

First of course you have to remove the existing hair from the head.  Cut it as close as you can to the scalp and then with a crochet needle, needle nose pliers, or tweezers pull hair out from inside the head.  You can poke through. so be careful!

Using a pair of pliers, cut off the top of the eye of the canvas needle.  This turns your needle into a pitchfork!  Then poke the non-eye end into the pencil eraser.  This will protect your fingers!! (you'll thank me later)

With your pitchfork--gather the hair at the center point (or near it) and push it into the pre-existing hole.  Then pull out the pitchfork and there you are--one down a million to go!!

If you're one of those "tie an knot in it" kind of people you can do that too--just knot then poke!

Things to watch for---
The pre-existing holes are perforating the scalp.  If you're not careful you can actually tear the plastic of the head.

The way to make the hair stay in the hole is to have it packed in there.  The more you put in, the less comes out.  

It's always better to have the hair WAY too long to start with-like mother always said "you can take off but you can't put on"  (lies-lies-lies look at my hips!!)

Try to have a system when plugging the holes-go down and around or across--just be sure you don't miss any!!
Project 3. neck splits
Supplies I used

Plastix by Loctite
fingernail file
This stuff is wonderful!!  It somes with 2 parts--the activator and the glue.  Follow the directions on the package!!  Brush on the activator and allow it to dry for about 30 seconds and then apply sparingly to ONE side of the split.  Hold split together for about a minute and there you go! Fixed!!  If you have any extra glue on the outside of the head you can use a nail file to file it off.  Let it sit for about an hour (the hardest part) and then you can put it back on your doll.  Be sure to heat the rim of the head before trying to put it back on.  I use almost boiling water but I've heard it can be done with a hairdryer.

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