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HOW DOES THE DOLL STAY IN THE STAND?  The stand was designed to hold the doll in the "pelvic" area.  It holds her in the front and back.  You just slide the doll into the stand, then adjust the stand if needed--it's just that simple.  It's like a saddle almost.

WHY MIGHT I NEED TO ADJUST THE STAND?  HOW DO I GET THE RIGHT FIT?  I was really surprised to find that two of the same doll can be different widths from the front to back--some dolls have a thicker pelvic area!!  What this means is when you put the doll into the stand, you'll need to be sure it's snug in the loops.  All you have to do is gently pull apart or separate the loops.  They're pretty pliable--a little squeeze can go a long way.  

WILL THE STAND DO ANY DAMAGE TO MY DOLL?  I didn't want any kind of material that would melt or corrode on my dolls, that's why I chose to use STAINLESS STEEL--(all we need in the Vintage Barbie world is green crotches to go with green ears!!)

The rod is very tight to the body where the legs aren't touching, so it won't spread the legs.  It's so close to the body that it's barely detectable in even the tightest outfit.  

I send with each stand a little cushion to put under the doll while it's in the stand.  I don't want anyone's doll getting pressure marks, so please use it.


My stands adjust up to Fashion Royalty Guys and Girls--as high as Lollipop Girls, and they adjust down to Tiny Kitty or Francie.  

I understand the irritation with the stands that come with the 15 inch and larger dolls--but I do not have stands large enough for them.   Sorry!

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